Friday, June 5, 2009


I got my parents a Nintendo Wii for Mother's and Father's Day! It came today and I was surprised because the email said it wouldn't arrive until next week. But, I'm excited because it's super fun! I was going to wait for Dad to wake up before I opened it, but Mom and I were so bored so I opened it at 1:30 and we played until Dad woke up! We played more MarioKart after dinner, and mom is getting pretty good at it. Now we just need to get a Wii Fit and that new Active game so we can get in shape in this hot desert!

Seriously, it's been so hot lately, like 105! But it's going to cool off by tomorrow to the lower 90s so maybe I can get out and exercise OUTSIDE for a change.

The new Dave Matthews Band album came out on Tuesday and I received my copy in the mail on Wednesday, along with a t-shirt (that I'm wearing to bed tonight!) and a free 3-disc LiveTrax Volume 15 from Alpine Valley, Wisconsin! Also, they've been on TV a lot this week. We recorded a live concert from the Beacon Theatre in NYC broadcasted on Fuse, and they've also been doing a four part, 30 minute long documentary and part four airs tomorrow. DMB will also be on the Today show in the morning, but I'll be sleeping so it's set to record. :) They were on Jimmy Fallon last night and played two songs instead of one. They played Funny the Way It Is and Why I Am. Dave also came on during a skit called "Dave Matthews GPS" that was so hilarious! Here's the link:

My mom is probably sick of them, but I'm loving it. I think my favorites from the album so far are Lying in the Hands of God, Baby Blue, and Alligator Pie. After seeing Alligator Pie on the Beacon concert I really want to see it live, I could really get down to that song at a show!

I was going to Wisconsin for my aunt's wedding, but it's next week and the tickets are too expensive now. Time slipped away while I was finishing my thesis, taking finals, graduating, and moving and now I can't afford to go. Oh well... I want to go up some time this summer. I also want to visit my friend Martha in NYC this summer, and my friend Beckie at her granny's in Lake Havasu, Arizona. I think I've got the travelling bug...

I need a job!! I'm so desperate that I'm considering Wal-mart. Damn this economy...

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