Thursday, August 20, 2015

How I Set Up My Middle School Theatre Classroom

I'm beginning my fourth year of teaching this year and finding that I am adding and  improving things every year. It can only get better, I think!

I am almost ready for my students; just a few things to add or clean. Ignore my desk; it's a dumping ground right now.

I am lucky to have a great black box for my teaching and learning space. I have 5 beginning classes, one intermediate, and one advanced class.

I also have a storage closet and small office. The computer hook up for the sound system and projector is in the classroom, so I also have a desk outside of the office. I find that I don't really spend time in the office. (Only to cry, which hasn't happened in the last year!) Inspend most of my time in the classroom space. 

I have a word wall near the door with large word. These are words that we use frequently or or frequently misspelled.

My students loved to write their birthday all over my dey erase events calendar and it got out of hand last year. I have a separate space for them to show everyone when their birthday is. The cabinets have interp pieces and lesson plans, as well as "Indepndent Theatre" assignments. This is book work for kids who missed a performance or go to ISS or AMS. I copy these at the beginning of the year and pull them as needed. The book shelf is organized for students to check out materials with the iPad on a a Google form, and my CHAMPS posters are displayed. I rarely had to refer to them last year, which was great. I am storing interactive notebooks in the colored bins, and the turquoise bins are for papers that need to be handed back or scripts left behind. I really want a bright fuzzy rung over here, but I have to see ify students can handle it.

I have a place to turn in papers, class rules, rewards and consequences, and a dry erase calendar. I also have a dish rack that Inise for the unit's assignments for absent students and a place for found pencils to go. 

I have to keep the stage curtains behind the objectives board because idle school kids will not resist the temptation to play with them otherwise. The table has five student laptops and bins for interactive notebook supplies. The bins are numbered for each table, which has a number. I always have assigned seats at the beginning of the year to establish structure and usually stop using them depending on class behavior. Don't forget a giant lost and found bin! I find my theatre kids are always leaving stuff behind.

Near my office I display information about our district speech contests and NSDA points and certificates up on the ledge.

It's taken me four years to get to this point and each year I add or change something so I can be more efficient and teach my students more effectively.

We will be starting interactive notebooks next week so I will update on the process when we get there.

Good luck to all educators out there was you prepare for another year of shaping and molding the minds of the future generation! Take care of yourselves, as well as your students.


Ann Batten-Bishop said...

Love your organization ideas and attention getting designs! Thanks for sharing! Have a great year!

Emily N said...

This is beautiful! You are so lucky. Can you share a picture of what the space looks like when it's set up for a performance?