Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Girls Like Us: Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon- and the Journey of a Generation

"Girls Like Us" is a fabulously written biography of three trail-blazing women in rock and roll. Although I am young, I grew up listening to their music, called "Oldies" then, and reading this book helped me understand their lives and generation, and exactly what they did for women and rock music. They are the reason Britney and Madonna have music careers to begin with. I know Madonna stretched boundaries and knocked down walls, but Joni, Carly, and Carole set the stage for her to do so. Not only do I think these women are strong and beautiful, their music is timeless. I love "You're So Vain", "River", "Big Yellow Taxi", and "Natural Woman". This is a must read for women of all ages who are trying to find a place in a rough world.
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Now I'm downloading and listening to Joni Mitchell, mostly, but "You're So Vain" is a great one, too! I think I read this book at the right time in my life. I need direction, and I feel lost, but so did these women and they found their way through. I just need patience, and I can never give up. And, it's okay if I don't get married, or get divorced, or end up without a husband. I don't need a man to feel complete; that idea is just ridiculous.

Ted Kennedy lost his battle with brain cancer. That's really all I have to say about that. I never really "knew" him, or paid attention to his career. I don't know why. Maybe my Republican parents had an influence on that.

It's still really hot. I can't wait for cooler weather. Lately I've been wanting to go for a run- OUTSIDE- but it's been so hot, even in the mornings. It was 90 degrees at midnight last night, so I have reason to believe it didn't get much cooler by the morning. So, I'm stuck inside doing the 30 Day Challenge on the Wii Active. Which, by the way, I think you should do first upon purchasing it, because the first workouts seem easy compared to the individual ones I've been doing separate from the challenge. But I'm guessing that by the time I get to workout #20 it'll be challenging.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Stars at Night, are Big and Bright...

I just spent a great week in Texas putting finishing touches on a theatrical production, trying to get interviews, and seeing friends. The highlights of my trip include attending an opening of my first post-school show, seeing Dave Matthews Band simulcast at Hogg Auditorium in Austin, playing in the low river, and watching the meteor shower in the back of a pick-up truck.

The show was so great! "House of Several Stories" by A. John Boulanger premiered at the Austin Playhouse last weekend, and it was a big hit. There are reviews in Austin Live Theatre, Austinist, and I'm mentioned in the Austin Chronicle's review! I'm so excited for the positive reviews, this play definitely deserves it. Hopefully it can be a good stepping stone for Imagine That! Productions.

Right now I'm in the middle of reading "Girls Like Us", a biography of singers Carly Simon, Joni Mitchell, and Carole King. So far it's been really interesting, and since I did a lot of similar research for my thesis last year, it's like an extension of that. It's crazy how these three women share similar ties throughout their lives.

I've been watching Big Brother, and I know it's sad because it's dumb reality TV, but it got a little crazy when we found out that one of the house guests was kicked out by the producers! I thought they were going to explain it on tonight's show, but they didn't! I have to wait until Tuesday to find out what happened to have her kicked out. Also, I just wanted to make a comment out three women in the house that say they are "strong women", but they spent 30 minutes the other night literally crying over a guy that was evicted in a surprise vote. They kept saying how kind he was and blah blah blah. HELLO GIRLS! This guy was a huge jackass and totally had them under his spell. Talk about WEAK WOMEN. Makes me mad. Stand on your own, ladies!

Monday, August 3, 2009


I don't spend a lot of time in my room since I have a laptop. I usually bring it out into the living room so I don't feel so penned up. So, I haven't been really listening to music lately. When I lived alone, I had speakers hooked up to my laptop and I would put on music no matter what I was doing (unless I was watching TV). I miss that, I guess. Tomorrow I'll be packing for my much anticipated trip to Texas, so I am looking forward to putting my iTunes on Dave Matthews Band shuffle.

Right now I'm listening to the song "Shotgun," by DMB. This song puts me in a mood every time I hear it. There's something about the riff that just puts me in a pensive mood. I LOVE the song, and it's evolved since they debuted it in 2006, I think. I put the first few lyrics on my Facebook page because they're so dead-on. It's crazy. I hope I get to meet that man and shake his hand, and personally thank him for his music.

"This photograph of you and me,
when these old boots of mine
were brand new,
And look at you, how you smile, smile, smile.
Look at you.
What has become of us?
Chasing the avalanche down,
Watching the world on TV,
There must be something better on."

I told my mom the other day that I know three couples that are married or almost there because of E-Harmony. I said that must be a site for people that want to get married right away, so I'm going to stay away from it! And she asked me why I didn't want to get married. Hello! I'm too independent, and untrusting. I love being independent, which is why I'm so nervous about finding a job soon. I NEED to work if I want to move out. My parents have been great, and always will be, but I miss living on my own, by myself, just me and my cat. And my friends being a short drive away.

But I get to see them soon!!! I never thought I could miss a place as much as I miss Texas.

I forgot to add that I finished "The Virgin's Lover" by Philippa Gregory. This story was based on Queen Elizabeth I and her scandalous relationship with Robert Dudley. I liked Gregory's view of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII, but I think she might have exaggerated a bit in this book. I have my own view of Elizabeth as a woman, and I personally feel that she was smarter than what Gregory makes her out to be. However, it was an intriguing story with romance. All in all, it was a good read. I'm now reading a biography of some women in early rock 'n roll: Carole King, Joni Mitchell, and Carly Simon. I came across this book when I was putting together my birthday list on Amazon and realized that when I was researching for my thesis play, all the musicians were males! The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, The Kinks... where were the women? Hopefully this book can shed some light on that!