Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Theatre Arts Interactive Notebooks: Day 1

Technically, it's the third day of school. But let's be honest: the first day is a blur and the second day everyone is hungover from the fury of the first day. I only introduce myself and play name games with them and let them know what supplies they will need.

Today, the third day, we went over class rules and procedures and began our nifty little interactive notebooks! It's never too soon to start, and I can already pin point the kiddos who will get a schedule change next week.

First, I started collecting notebooks the first and second days. I took a daily grade today if they had it. If they don't, it remains a zero until they have it.

Here is how I store them in the room: separate bins for each period. 

I have supply bins for each table. I asked students to bring glue, either to keep in their pencil case or to put in the supply bin.

To begin the notebooks, I had my theatre I kids skip the first page. I'll have them do an "About Me" page/collage there. Theatre II and III got a worksheet I found on Pinterest called "50 Things I Love". They worked on that the first day as they got to know or chatted with each other. I had them fold it in half and glue it in the first page. They can use it for writing or improv ideas throughout the year.

I am doing every page with them and have four sections, so four notebooks. It helps me gauge how long cutting and glueing should take as I teach and if a student is absent they can use mine as a reference when doing make up work.

We turned to the first page spread and began the Table of Contents on the left hand side.

We turned the page and added the Class Syllabus on the left, and did class rules and procedures on the right. Beginners could glue the syllabus in, but intermediate and advanced need a parent signature so they are taking bit home. When it is signed, they turn in the signed page and glue in the top paper here. I found the class rules and procedures on Pinterest, which is linked from Teachers Pay Teachers. (Free)

I copied them on colored paper, but ran out so my examples are white. I just colored them with a colored pencil. We filled out each flap as a class. I use a document camera to project my notebook as I work on it.

It took the entire 45 minutes to get this lesson done. I am excited to have meaningful notes in theatre this year. Overall they were received well and 6th-8th graders can keep up with the motor skills. I also offer morning work time before school for kids who need to catch up. 

I will use GradeCam to quiz them and will
Blog about it when it happens.

Until next time, happy notebooking!

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Teri Ang said...

You should put this together and sell on Teachers Pay Teachers. I would buy it.