Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Middle School Theatre: Easy Professional Development!

This will be a quick and simple post, and maybe more of free advertising.  One of my favorite things to do while on my conference period is to put on a theatre podcast in the background as I work.  Theatrefolk has amazing podcasts just for drama teachers.  Thank you, Lindsay Price, for these little gems.  I also download a few on my phone for the trips to Houston during the holidays to visit family.  Even if it's something I may already use in the classroom, it's good to hear other perspectives or hear other drama teachers doing what I'm doing.  Most of us are the only drama educators on our campus, and most of the time our administration taught core subjects and stay away from the arts.  I find this podcast to be helpful and I feel supported.  We are not the only ones!

My absolute favorite podcast has to be the Mission Statement lesson.  I used this podcast to create a lesson plan for my advanced class in which they created a mission statement for our program.  Here's our mission statement:

You can find the link to the podcast here.

What podcasts do you like to listen to as theatre teachers?

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