Friday, June 19, 2009

Never Say Never

Sorry it's been a while, for the two people that read this. I'm watching Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and the Fray is on. I wouldn't mind seeing them in concert.

Speaking of concerts... I need to start drinking some Bud Light so I can go on the Paradise Cruise and see Dave Matthews Band. That would be BAD ASS.

I cut my bangs... too short. Usually I cut them when they're dry, but I cut them right out the shower this time and they ended up too short. I look like a 5 year old. It's terrible. I hope they grow fast!

I had one of those days where you try to complete your errands in a timely manner and nothing goes right. I ended up spending too much money printing out a script because the library lady only let me do 30 pages. The library here is really ridiculous. I took Texas State's library for granted, that's for sure.

I finished "Water For Elephants" a few days ago and LOVED it. I spent all of Sunday afternoon reading while golf was on TV. I only stopped to bowl on the Wii with my parents. We're all Pros now, according to our skill level. We've bowled a lot of games... Anyway, the book was great-- I love books that completely transport you to another world that completely absorbs you. The love story wasn't cheesy, either, so that was nice. It makes me want to go to the circus that will be here at the end of the month.

A few nights ago (maybe even over the weekend) I had one of those dreams about my ex. I thought they were over. If I could erase my memory like on "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", I think I would. I'm sure he doesn't think about me anymore, so I need to just stop. I wish it was that easy.

Oh, something random: last week I went to Walmart to get my oil changed and tires rotated and when I got home I only had three hubcaps. So, mom and I retraced my route from Walmart to home and couldn't find it. I called them back and asked if they had it in the shop and just forgot to put it on, and he said they didn't have it. I went online and complained to corporate and they replaced it for me. All I had to do was buy the new one and give them the receipt and they paid me back in cash. No more ghetto car.

My mom and I are going to the movies tomorrow night to see "The Proposal", with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. I'll let you know how it is, although I'm not going with high expectations.


So, I'm Corey said...

The movie should be fun and cheesy. Ryan Reynolds makes those sort of movies. :)

Sorry to hear about the dreams. :(

I can't wait to see you in a couple of months!!!

Kasey Caroline said...

Yeah, the movie was fun and cheesy... but I hate romantic comedies right now. I did see a preview for a new film with Leo DiCaprio (LOVE him!) directed by Martin Scorcese (sp??) that looks really psychologically freaky and awesome. That's my type of movie right now. And "Eternal Sunshine."