Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lying in the hands of God

I had a LiveJournal before this, but decided to switch because no one I knew used LJ anymore and I kept getting spam friends over there. But I kept most of my entries, and they mainly deal with my breakup from last summer. I can't believe it's been that long. Sometimes it feels like just yesterday, but now I see I could never be with him. Although, I still feel physcially sick when I think of him with his new girlfriend... which is why I completely blocked him on Facebook. I think breakups pre-Facebook were easier because his stupid face wouldn't pop up everywhere. Like now. No more! :)

I had my first response from an employer today-- and two hours later, my first rejection. I guess they don't like theatre at the University of Phoenix. Oh well... I guess I'll end up at Walmart or something. :(

I just watched Jay Leno's last Tonight Show episode. It's going to be so weird! Whenever I watched late night TV I always watched Jay and then (now) Jimmy Fallon. I love Connan, too, but it'll be weird. I hope Jay's new show is good, I'll be watching whenever I get back from Vegas.

Oh yeah! Vegas! My mom and I have decided to drive up to Las Vegas to visit some family before my cousin flies back to Wisconsin for her senior year of high school. It's only a five hour drive and I haven't seen them since I was a senior at TLU! I've never been to Vegas, and I don't think my mom has, either, so it should be fun. We're not gamblers, but it would be cool to win some money since we're both unemployed! Is it weird that I want to go to museums and the zoo in Vegas instead of bars and the Strip? LOL

It's hot here. SUPER HOT. My parents' thermometer outside said 108 yesterday. So I swam laps in the pool since it's too hot to run or rollerblade. The guy on the news says that people here usually gain weight in the summer since it's so hot, and I believe him! Even in the Texas summer heat I used to run after work. I lost 10 pounds at the end of summer of 2007. Then school started...

I went grocery shopping with my mom today just to get out of the house and see what's around and I saw the funniest thing! They're called "Wippity Wipes"! LOL! I took a picture on my phone and put it on Twitter. I couldn't stop laughing!

I'm playing fetch with my kitty right now. She only does this at night. I guess she likes the challenge of finding the ball in the dark, but she gets really hyper and makes noise. I hope she doesn't wake up my mom! Kitty's crazy!

I need a job... so I can make money and MEET PEOPLE! Maybe when I join a gym I can meet someone... someone cute. ;)

Good night!

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