Monday, May 11, 2009

Talk about extreme!

The other night, while playing Halo and drinking Shiner at a friend's apartment, three young girls met up with us. I did not know these girls, and I think they were freshmen. Anyway, one girl (bless her heart! haha) was very outspoken and I don't think she thought before she spoke. I know we all do this sometimes, but I'm sure she did not think before EVERYTHING she said. For one, she said she thought Obama was the anti-Christ. Holy... wow. First of all, you should know your audience before you speak, because all she got was a bunch of hushed laughter. I felt embarrassed for her. Secondly... really?? You think someone is really the anit-Christ? I did not vote for McCain, but I certainly do not feel he is even close to the anti-Christ. This is why I do not like politics- humans are taken out of it and politicians become these super-human, anti-Christ, figures. And it turns people against each other. Now, I'm sure she's a sweet girl (and also Baptist), but after that comment I did not feel the need to get to know her. If she can go to that extreme about our President, then what else can she stretch to extremities?

Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy a good conversation about religion and politics, but only if you have an open mind and know how to convincingly argue your point. Saying someone is the anti-Christ is not a valid argument. And I also realize that she is a freshman and has a lot to learn about the world in the next three or so years. So, I wish her all the luck in the world.

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