Sunday, May 10, 2009

The First of Many

I've always wanted to be a "smart" blogger, and after a couple attempts, I think I'm going to try to stick to it. Not only will this be a spot for me to reflect on day-to-day life, but I also plan on reviewing books, music, and movies here. And, of course, the economy is in a major slump, so you'll be hearing about my struggles in the job market as a recent graduate with a master's in theatre history.
In the past, I've usually been in a bad mood when blogging, therefore all of my posts were very melancholy. I'm going to try to avoid that, but hey, sadness happens and this is a good outlet to release those feelings.

I'm moving to Goodyear, Arizona, in less than a week. I've called this blog "A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss" not to be cliche, but because that's what I've been my entire life: a rolling stone. I've moved across country several times and those times were hard, but also rewarding. I'm sad to leave Texas, but at the same time I'm very antsy to move on. Texas has been, by far, the best place I've lived in. (Besides all the SUVs and ignorant rednecks...) I don't think I'll fit in anywhere like I do in Texas. It's so laid back here. And for the most part, people are generally nice. The food and beer are awesome, floating the river is the best, and "Don't Mess With Texas" pride is everywhere. I will truly miss Texas, but I am excited for what's ahead of me.

I think this should be it for my first post... I just got out of a lovely bath and I am still in my towel!
Goodnight, all!

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