Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ocean-front property in Arizona...

So, I'm here in (usually) sunny Goodyear, Arizona. We rolled in at about 3pm local time yesterday, unloaded the truck, and dropped it off by 4pm. My room is a giant mess; half of my stuff is still in the garage. However, I do have plans to paint my room today (or as soon as possible). Both my mom and I slept in- I woke up at 1oam and my mom was still in bed! I think it's because it's cloudy today, which hardly ever happens, so it's unusually dark still at almost noon. So, as soon as we get going, then we're going to Wal-mart to get some paint and then I can get started.

Sassy has been doing really well with the move. She was freaked out the first day we were driving, but when we got to the hotel in Las Cruces, New Mexico, she was bouncing off the walls. I guess she was glad to be out of her carrier. The second day she slept the entire way, or at least tried to. She follows me around the house mostly, but is exploring on her own, and still doesn't like my parents' dog, Rita. She'll get used to her, though.

I better get going, I have lots to do!

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Corey said...

YES! It works now. :) I miss you (not sassy). Blog more.