Saturday, July 4, 2009

Revolutionary Road: The Novel

I'll admit, I read this book because I was interested in the story after I saw a trailer for the film. Usually I enjoy books better than their film versions, so I quick read this book because my parents had just purchased the movie. With that said, the entire time I was picturing Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet the entire time. It's not a bad thing, but when I see the film I think I'll be disappointed because it will be different.

This story is heartbreaking. There really is no alternative for the actions of the characters to break free from their confinement in the suburbs. This novel is a perfect example of how the 1950s were all about conformity and "normalcy", while the government was on a rampage to end communism throughout the world. What they did not know was they had created their own small form of it right in America.

I could go on and on about feminism in this novel, but I think April Wheeler is a great character, and any actress with talent would LOVE to play her. I also feel that the dialogue is so rich in this novel that a play could easily be extracted from its pages, and it would be powerful.

We'll be watching the film sometime this weekend, I think, so I'll let you know how Sam Mendes' version compares to the novel.

It's raining the desert!! I'm listening to thunder as I type this, and I had no idea how much I missed it. I loved the Texas thunderstorms. I remember one Friday in April that was just stormy all day, and when I got home from school I took the most wonderful nap... falling asleep to thunder is a wonderful thing.

Still no job. And I'm running out of places to apply. I've already applied to Target, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, a few pre-schools, and some random desk jobs. I guess I could bag groceries with a Masters degree. How awesome would that be?

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So, I'm Corey said...

Thanks for finally blogging, bitch. :)

Sorry that you still have NOT found a job ... I told u my solution, though ... :)

Yay for rain. It's been raining a lot in Snyder. SM/Austin is in a HUGE drought right now, though. :(

I want to see Revolutionary Road, but I heard it wasn't as good as certain people made it out to be. Let me know how it is!!!