Friday, July 31, 2009

The Book of Ruth

I finished reading "The Book of Ruth" a few days ago. I was not that impressed. It was a good story, and ended up very shocking, but it took the entire book to get to the good stuff. I constantly felt myself thinking, "Hurry up and get through this, there are other (better) books waiting for you on your bookshelf!" So I finished it, and that's that.

I'm now reading "The Virgin's Lover", about Queen Elizabeth I when she began her reign. Historical fiction has to be my favorite, and Philippa Gregory does a great job with these books. I loved "The Other Boleyn Girl" and breezed through it in a matter of days. So far "The Virgin's Lover" is pretty good and very politically detailed.

I'm excited for some good movies that are coming out, like "Funny People", and mostly "The Time Traveler's Wife". The book was AMAZING, and I want to read it again, actually. But, I loaned it to my sister, who is in Texas, so I'll have to wait. I've got a lot of other unread books to read, anyway.

Speaking of Texas... I'm going to visit in less than a week! I'm excited to see everyone and see the revamp of "House of Several Stories" that I've been working on from afar. I also get to see Theresa, who just bought her first house with her husband! I get to help them move in, I'm really excited!

Also, I'm sure my parents will be moving this fall. This puts me in between a rock and a hard place. If I could find a job here, I would stay. I've been going crazy looking, but they make it so ridiculously hard to be a teacher, and school starts on Monday for most Valley schools. :( If I knew it was going to be so hard to be a teacher I would have started the process in January. So far my options are 1) God is good and I find a great job here and stay, 2) move with my parents, 3) move back to San Marcos/Austin and live off my friends until I find something there. I don't want #2. I could use some prayers. :(

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So, I'm Corey said...

I like option 3. You'll always have a bed (futon) at my place. :)