Friday, October 9, 2009

Just don't know what to think!

My recent posts have been about books and films that I've seen, which is what I want this blog to focus on. However, I also want it to be a place for me to vent, or voice my opinion on things. Since my life has been relatively boring as of late, books and news events keep me entertained.

I awoke to news that President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. Although I voted for the guy and believe he will do good works, I asked myself, "Why did he win this award? What has he done?" Besides being the first African-American President of the free world, I don't get it. Bin Laden is still hiding somewhere in a cave, the 8th year anniversary of the war in Afghanistan just passed us and the outlook is still bleak, more soldiers are being sent to Iraq, Iran is making WMDs and won't admit it, North Korea is still a huge threat, and Darfur/Sudan/Congo are still a huge genocidal mess. So far, Obama has increased funding for stem cell research, for which I applaud him, but that's it. Maybe if he won this award after fulfilling his duties in four or eight years it would make sense. But now, it's anything but sensible.

I'm reading Scott Russell Sanders' "Hunting for Hope" and really finding it inspiring at this point in my life. I realize that I'm still young and can't know the answers to all of life's questions, but it's still weird to me how much people can change; morph into something that you have never seen before, nor saw coming. Maybe I'm still naive when it comes to love and loss of love, but it makes me sad to be on the losing end, still. However, the good thing about this change I've noticed is that I no longer can feel tied to that person, and the process of moving on is getting easier. I'm not there yet, but I know I'm in the right direction. Someone said, "You never really move on until you meet someone new." I think that's true, but I also know that I won't be able to forget my first love. Love is something truely special and amazing, and when you find something like that, it's hard to forget.

On a funny note, I remembered this afternoon that I had a dream last night about eating an entire bag of chocolate chips and it was AMAZING! Ha, at least I can indulge in my dreams if not in real life! :)

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