Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: A Year in Review

2012 is coming to a close already and I'm still a horrible blogger. :) I've come to realize that I don't normally write in a journal (which I have on my nightstand) or blog unless I'm not happy. I did write a few posts about cooking and food and running, but I usually feel the urge to write when I'm feeling blue.

While I do like the color blue, I've moved more into a deep purple this year, I feel. 2011 was not a good year for me, but from the get-go 2012 has been amazing! I have been so blessed that I feel like this good vibe I've been riding may fizzle out next year. However, I'm working hard to not let that happen.

2012 started out in Austin with some dear friends! I enjoyed my job as a special ed assistant at an elementary school and grew to love the kids there and made some new friends. I moved into a new apartment that was not so great (but living on my own again was exciting!) and then had a summer off. I already blogged about how I felt like someone broke up with me those first few days. I wasn't sure what the future held and I missed going to work everyday.

Summer started and I began to hang out with some Borders friends who lived in the same apartment complex. We'd meet at the pool often.

I went on several job interviews in Victoria, TX (a two hour drive each time) and luckily the last time paid off! I was offered a job at the interview table, told them I'd think about it and get back to them, and then my muffler completely separates from the rest of it. I call the Fine Arts director of my current district to ask how long it would take to hear back from the principal I just interviewed with that morning because I was just offered a job in Victoria (?!?!). I drive to a muffler shop, they fix it FOR FREE!! and my current principal calls to offer me the job in San Antonio! I also get another job offer from a different Victoria school while sitting in the muffler shop. This was all on my best friend's birthday so we all got to celebrate together. The muffler is still going strong, by the way, from a free welding job.

So... my summer continues, this time completely worry-free. I swim, sleep, and learn to play tennis from a cool guy named Patrick. I guess all the swimming and tennis paid off because we started dating in July. :)

I worked at the Witte museum for three weeks with their summer adventure camp and had a blast with all of the kids and spending a ton of time in the new part of the museum. I'm glad I had that job because it gave me something to do for part of the summer and the paycheck tied me over until my first teacher paycheck in September. The district is on a once a month pay schedule so that's been interesting.

Summer ends and my new adventure as a middle school Theatre Arts teacher begins! After a week and a half of cleaning, my classroom is perfect! I'm still learning as I go and I've been blessed with great colleagues at a great school. I've had so much fun at work, even though I put in 10-11 hour days. I wake up excited to get to my classroom and play Theatre games or get out props and set pieces with the students. I'm still getting the hang of 7th and 8th graders, and they are still getting used to having a Theatre teacher that is always present and prepared, but it'll be even better next semester. I have the freedom to shape my courses for next year and One Act Play will be awesome!

Before Christmas I moved into a much better apartment with a HUGE kitchen. Sleeping in silence has been great for my stress levels, too! Also, living in a place that doesn't smell like cigarette smoke has been amazing. Sassy enjoys it; she's not sick all the time anymore.

2012 was amazing and refreshing and hopefully my hard work carries into 2013. I have One Act Play competition coming up, another half marathon, and summer vacation! Oh, and time with the boyfriend, of course.

Everything works out in due time. A hard lesson to learn.

Happy 2013, y'all!

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