Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Little Bee by Chris Cleave

This was another make title at the store but it looked interesting so I picked it up. Just like "Reliable Wife", I read this one in a matter of days. It's a story about two women from very different parts of the globe. One is a young girl escaping death in Nigeria and seeking sanctuary in England. It's a gripping tale, and I encourage anyone who wants to laugh and cry while reading the same book to definitely check this one out. It makes you think about what the price of a human life is and how some people can forget that we are all invaluable.

I saw "Inglourious Basterds" the other night and LOVED it. Tarentino has been one of my favorite directors and this one has to be my favorite, surpassing both Kill Bill films. The ending was amazing, and Brad Pitt's character offered the perfect comic relief in such a horrible time. Justice is served in so many ways and I literally clapped my hands and cheered at the way things played out. Excellent!

I'm still on the prowl for summer running clothes, although I found a bright colored tank for cheap at Walmart! I'm thinking about getting a running skirt, too. Hey, I may sweat like a pig, but I'm still a lady! :)

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