Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Year in Review


I don't know what to say about an entire year of my life.

Let's see if I can figure this out.

The year started off great with a long term subbing job in my field. However, I was just thrown into it without any idea on how long I'd be doing the job for, no extra pay for the length, keys, or technology to input grades, make lesson plans, etc. I pretty much just flew by the seat of my pants, with the help of my colleague who had to work his butt off to keep the department going through UIL. (He did a stand-up job, by the way)

Spring break: I planted my first vegetable garden and it starts to grow!
Running: Overslept my first race, made a comeback with the Missions 10k and was slow. Hey, it was humid.

Things look promising.

Then the heat of the summer hits.
It stops raining in Texas.
The heat climbs higher.

I don't get the theatre teaching job. By this point, very little to no teaching jobs are open. Fail.

Still no rain.

Borders declares it's going out of business. The unbearable craziness of liquidation takes over.

Things are quickly rolling down hill.

I stop running because I'm too tired from working with crazy customers and douche bag liquidator. I eat and drink wine instead. Lots of wine.

My garden stops growing. Fail.

Borders dies in September.

I've lost two jobs in the span of three months.

Subbing picks up and I soon learn how much I hate it. At least at the high schools, anyway. There are actually TONS of things to do as an elementary sub. I start to like that more.

In October, a job as an Instructional Assistant for Special Ed falls into my lap. Not much of a pay raise at all, but the job is awesome. Things start to look up for a while, but I'm still unable to support myself financially.

Not even close. What is going on? I'm almost 28 years old!

I run the Wurst 5 Miler 2 minutes slower than last year. Disappointing, since I wanted to PR, but considering the summer I had, I'm happy. Running is back, until I get sick from allergies before Thanksgiving.

Things come to a close in a dull way. I'm not excited about how 2011 went AT ALL. I don't know what it is about odd years, but they really do suck. Now I need to spend the first part of 2012 getting everything back to the way I want it, physically and emotionally. I need to work even harder to get the job I want. I can't have another year like this one.

As my friends get engaged, married, and have babies, I look at myself and think, "How am I not even close to being ready for all of that?" A graduate degree gets you nowhere in this world. Potential gets you nowhere in this world. That's all I have right now: potential. Potential to be the best teacher, potential to lose the extra weight I gained during the summer from hell, potential to meet the right guy. I feel like I'm on the edge of something and I've been standing here for way too long. It's time to find a bridge or just jump in!

Why 2012 Will Be Hellofalot Better Than 2011

1. I will get back in shape. Just Dance 3 will get me there whether I like it or not! I WILL run another half marathon, too.

2. I WILL land that teaching job. I don't care where it is or what it is, but I WILL get a full time, salaried job, and SUPPORT MYSELF. Isn't that the American Dream? Why are so many hardworking, honest Americans being denied that?

3. Dating. This is scary stuff, but I'm going back out there again. I don't know how, but I will. If any of you have Aaron Rodgers phone number, tell him to give me a call. That will make things go a lot easier.

4. Have more fun, stress less, love more. I'm almost 30; I can't be stressing most of the time! Life is not worth the stress.

That's it.
2011 sucked and I'm extremely glad to see it end! ADIOS!!

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Jody Jackson said...

Kasey, You are a beautiful, smart, talented woman! All of your hard work will pay off and Mr. Wonderful will come along. It can be tough during those times in our lives when we are only given enough light for the step we are on and cannot see the next. Stay on your path and keep "Running Down Your Dream"........the rewards will be sweet. Jody Jackson :)